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Miniature step-by-step in watercolour

Many years ago I did a class project with my painting students, rendering the same image in both watercolor and acrylic. The purpose was to help folks learn to paint in miniature with their chosen medium, but I think that I learned the most from the experience; mainly that I am an acrylic painter at heart. That said, painting with watercolor was a terrific exercise and I have a deep respect for my fellow artists who work with watercolors. For those who are interested, here is a quick progression of steps for that learning project:

Bridge painting in watercolour
Finished miniature painting (approx. 3 x 4 inches)

Step By Step

There are new pages, listed on the left side menu, where you can view a collection of images showing the step-by-step process I’ve used in different paintings. Both of the current examples are painted in acrylic on paper board. I’ll try to get new painting progressions posted before too long.

Have mini paintbrush – will travel

Small paintbrushes for tiny art.
Small paintbrushes for tiny art.

For artists who paint realism already, miniature painting might just be one small scale away from what they already know and love. This is an introduction I am always pleased to make: Fellow detail lover… meet your new passion! Or at least give it a try.

Through a variety of classes and workshops, I have been teaching the art of painting-in-miniature for over 10 years, working with all levels of experience. If you, or your art group, would like to learn more about this type of painting, please contact me to set up a workshop in your area.