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Pumpkin Time!

For me, chilly October days in the Pacific Northwest means pumpkin time is here! Bring out the pumpkin pie, pumpkin drinks and pumpkin carving. I love Jack-O-Lantern season, marking the last vestiges of autumn and a time of eerie transformation as the landscape sheds it’s former glory and prepares for a well deserved winter rest.

I hope you will add your own artistic flair to this mischievous duo, happy colouring!

Click here to print out the colouring page: Pumpkin Patch

Colour This: Pumpkin Patch!

With high hopes and green thumbs twitching, we tried to grow a lovely big pumpkin patch in our garden this year. But sadly, our valiant efforts yielded only one, rather small, rather speckled, greenish pumpkin. We named him Pickle. So…I have resorted to drawing my beloved pumpkins instead, complete with grinning faces and patterned skins. I hope you will add your own artistic flair to this mischievous duo! Happy colouring. 🙂

Click here to print out the line drawing: Pumpkin Patch

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Colour This: Dragon Shield

Dragons and shields and gems, oh my! As a kid, I loved all things fantastic and heroic, savouring mythologies from around the world and the exquisite art of storytelling. And since then, very little has changed, I still love them. Even more so when I get to flesh them out with pattern and design! So I’ve mixed up a few of my favourite ingredients for this image, using a handful of dragon scales, a hero’s shield, a few scattered gems and a little dash of Norse inspiration.

Then, I pulled out the black pen and got creative…

How will you colour this drawing? Print this colouring page: shield mandala