New frame format for miniature painting

Thanks to Peninsula Gallery, some of my miniature paintings will now be available with small frames. These frames fit comfortably in the palm of one hand and measure only a few inches in size. This waterfall scene is one that I painted from a trip to the Scottish highlands a few years ago, and is available at the gallery. The featured image for this post is a scene from Ladysmith, which I was working on during the demo last weekend, and will be sending to Peninsula Gallery soon!

Mini painting framed smallMini painting framed small

Step By Step

There are new pages, listed on the left side menu, where you can view a collection of images showing the step-by-step process I’ve used in different paintings. Both of the current examples are painted in acrylic on paper board. I’ll try to get new painting progressions posted before too long.

Have mini paintbrush – will travel

Small paintbrushes for tiny art.
Small paintbrushes for tiny art.

For artists who paint realism already, miniature painting might just be one small scale away from what they already know and love. This is an introduction I am always pleased to make: Fellow detail lover… meet your new passion! Or at least give it a try.

Through a variety of classes and workshops, I have been teaching the art of painting-in-miniature for over 10 years, working with all levels of experience. If you, or your art group, would like to learn more about this type of painting, please contact me to set up a workshop in your area.

A great day in Sidney.

We had a great time on Saturday, at Peninsula Gallery in lovely Sidney BC. A big thank you to everyone who came out to say hello, and to the friendly and helpful staff who made the event a success! Watching me paint in miniature is akin to watching moss grow on a rock, but seeing new faces and enjoying good conversations made the experience a memorable one.

Adventures in Art and Miniature Paintings