Progression of a miniature painting

For those who are interested, here is a look at the process I use when painting my miniature landscapes. I begin with a cut piece of Canson Art Board, use tube acrylics (Golden and Liquitex), on a Masterson Stay-wet palette, Windsor and Newton Series 7 Miniature brushes (for the detail work), a few other brushes including flats, filberts and stipplers. I finish with gloss varnish and frame under glass. Sometimes I use hardboard and the painting can be displayed without glass to protect it. It takes me about 15-20 hours to complete as piece such as this one. One of the best parts of my process is getting out onto the land and taking photos I use for reference, it is always an adventure!

4 thoughts on “Progression of a miniature painting”

  1. Thanks Tiffany, This painting is beautiful! I didn’t realize you used gloss varnish! Why do you prefer it?Brings back lots of memories of painting with you! Hugs Char

    1. Thanks Char! Those are great memories, you guys inspired me every time we got together to paint! I like the lustre and clarity of the gloss varnish, really brings out the flat darks in the acrylic.

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