New minis for annual show at Gallery 8

These tiny, circular miniature paintings are some of the smallest acrylic paintings I create. The size and format is a nice change from the slightly larger rectangles I usually paint. Size here, being relative of course!

These little paintings will be on display and available for purchase at the upcoming 10th Anniversary show at Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island. The show opens April 19th!



2 thoughts on “New minis for annual show at Gallery 8”

  1. I love them all! Very nice circular format for a change, with their smaller size it fits them perfectly. I haven’t done a lot with my miniatures lately but in June some of the members of our Art Club are joint up with what’s called the Ryder Lake Ramble. Ryder Lake sits above Sardis and is mostly farm land. The Ramble wanted to expand and encourage more attendance so asked us if we would provide some plein air painters. I won’t be doing plein air but thought what a perfect way to educate people of what a miniature is! I still find most people including my Art Club friends think they are a small painting! Will let you know how it goes. Good luck with your show, wishing I could make it over this year but no luck. I am going to Victoria from May 1-4 with my Library Lady retirement friends. Thanks for the update.Hugs Char

    1. Thanks Char, that’s a great way to share miniature painting! Yes please let me know how it goes, and I hope you have a lovely time in Victoria! 🙂

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