A Walk Through the Park – in miniature

I find few things lovelier than a leisurely stroll through a beautiful park, on a very fine spring day. Largely, I suspect, because I don’t have to battle allergies that accompany spring’s grand arrival.

This painting depicts springtime in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC.

“Walk Through the Park”  Acrylic on board (2 x 4.5 inches small)

Walk Through the Park (2 x 4.5 inches)

Here is a look at the same painting with rough edges and a quarter to show scale:

Walk Through the Park (2 x 4.5 inches) Quarter

2 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Park – in miniature”

  1. Hi Tiffany, These are beautiful as usual, I never get tired of seeing you new mini’s! In this one, A Walk Through the Park, I can’t tell on the computer if the shy is painted or have you just left the white board? I never really thought of this before so just wondered. Hope you’re well and enjoy the Salt Spring life.Hugs Char

    1. Hi Char, thank you and I hope things are well with you too! The sky is actually painted off white with a few grayish clouds, as would be seen on an overcast day. Unfortunately my scanner has a hard time picking up that kind of detail, so you can’t see it here. I always paint in the sky, even a white one, to keep the continuity of the image intact. And…I should probably upgrade my scanner! 😉

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